28 October, 2021

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If writing full guides on a subject seems too daunting for you, you can always create a video tutorial instead. Video is hugely popular – sometimes more popular than the written word, so utilising it in your blog makes a lot of sense.

 1 .Vimeo

Vimeo is a video platform founded in 2004. It put itself on the map in 2007 when it became the web’s first video platform to offer high-definition videos. Today, it has over 90 million creators on its platform.

Vimeo is a popular alternative to YouTube. While it doesn’t receive nearly the same amount of traffic, it is listed within the top 200 sites (typically around 170) on Alexa’s global rankings list.

Its popularity is part of the reason why it’s able to compete with YouTube. Like the more dominant platform, Vimeo allows anyone to take advantage of its built-in audience by uploading original content.


2 . Jetpack Video



The Jetpack WordPress plugin is a jack-of-all-trades kind of plugin. It offers dozens of functionalities in a single tool all while preventing itself from becoming bloated by allowing you to enable only what you need.

While the Jetpack plugin itself is available for WordPress.com and the self-hosted WordPress.org, its .com counterpart allows you to host videos on WordPress’ servers and embed them anywhere with Jetpack Video.

All you need is a subscription for Jetpack Premium.

What can Jetpack Video do you for you?

  • Unlimited Video Hosting – You can upload an unlimited number of videos to your Media Library so long as your subscription is active. Unfortunately, you cannot upload videos larger than 2GB. Vimeo, in contrast, has no file size restrictions so long as you stay under the storage limit allotted in your plan. YouTube’s file size limit is 128GB.
  • Better Video Block – Jetpack uses Automattic’s VideoPress video player and comes with more options to configure in Gutenberg’s video block.
  • Affordable, Ad-Free Video Hosting – Jetpack does not run ads on your videos, and you can use it for as little as $9/month or $99/year.


 3. Hippo Video

  Hippo Video is an all-in-one video marketing suite in addition to being a video hosting site. It has its own video player, and you’ll have your own landing page to customize for each video if you have one of the cheaper plans (embeddable videos are only available on the Pro plan and higher).

The service’s marketing functionalities allow you to acquire more leads, increase sales and form a better understanding of your audience through video content.

What are some of Hippo Video’s best features?

  • In-Video Opt-In Forms – Inserting inline opt-in forms before or after videos is great, but it’s not nearly as effective as inserting them in the video player itself where your viewer’s eyes are focused.
  • Professional Videos – Hippo Video offers a professional video editor you can use to polish your videos without third-party editing software. You can also personalize the video player with custom branding and your hosted landing pages with a custom domain.
  • Customer Service Functionalities – This service integrates with tools like Zendesk, Freshdesk, Intercom and Zoho Desk, allowing you to accept video support tickets. It also supports video conferences.


4 .SproutVideo

SproutVideo is a direct competitor of Hippo Video in that it’s a video hosting site that offers marketing functionalities. It doesn’t offer as many features, but it does offer more in the areas that matter most, including bandwidth and video resolutions.

Still, it’s another service that offers ad-free video hosting at an affordable price.

What can SproutVideo do for you?


  • Lead Marketing – Capture more leads and direct viewers to key landing pages with in-video calls to action and post-video screens.
  • Restrict Access – Restrict access to your videos in many ways, either by making them public or protecting them via password. You can also limit access to logged-in users (logged into SproutVideo, not WordPress) or certain countries and IP addresses.
  • Video Analytics – View and monitor video analytics with stats on number of plays, visitors, play rates, hours watched and average engagement. You can also see which countries your viewers are watching from and which domains they use, such as your website, Twitter, etc.
  • Customizable Video Player – SproutVideo uses a non-branded video player. You can customize the colors it features as well as the way your videos operate for viewers. On-video social sharing is available as well.



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