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With virtual work becoming the new norm, job recruiters must have a place to find qualified candidates, whether it be someone to handle back-office work or a new web designer for your website.

Those searching for work also need a place to find jobs. There are many benefits of being a virtual assistant or seeking other remote employment, such as setting your hours and working from the comfort of your home.

However, it's not as simple as going online, filling out an application, and waiting for a phone call. Now, you must sift through the overwhelming number of online listings, trying to figure out what is a legitimate position and what is not.

The key for both recruiters and job seekers: knowing where to go.

Recruiters need to know they can sift through committed individuals with the necessary skills to get the job done.

Job seekers need to know that they can check the job board with confidence that the postings are real jobs that can provide reliable work.

Who Can Benefit from Our Services?

Virtual Workers' mission is to help the Filipino community find safe and reliable work from home positions and help recruiters find serious candidates that are ready to work. That said, both recruiters and job seekers could benefit from our services.

Job Seekers!

Looking for a new opportunity to work from home? Whatever the situation, Virtual Workers is the best place to get started. Our job boards include open positions across all industries, ensuring that you'll find the best position for your skills.
Need help building your curriculum vitae? We offer free CV templates to help you build a resume that will allow you to stand out.


As a brand recruiter, you already know the many benefits of outsourcing a virtual assistant for data entry or telecommunication tasks. More jobs have become remote, meaning that your brand can reach out and select the most qualified candidates, no matter where they are.
By posting your open jobs on Virtual Workers, you are sure to find the most qualified candidates who are eager to get to work.

How It Works

At Virtual Workers, we provide a safe space for both recruiters and job seekers. We understand that navigating the job market is difficult, which is why we are building an all-inclusive community that benefits everyone.


Recruiters register their account and then post their open positions on our job board and list all the necessary information, such as:

  • Job Title
  • Description of the Position
  • Experience/Skills Required
  • Pay/Salary
  • Contact Information and more

For job seekers, you will register your account and build your curriculum vitae. From there, you can start browsing the jobs currently posted. When searching the Virtual Worker's job board, you can search by:

  • Recently Posted Jobs
  • Job Type.
  • Offered Salary
  • Job Category
  • Industry and more

Online Home-Based Jobs for 2023 and Beyond

Whether you are looking for an online home-based job or to hire new talent for your company, our virtual assistant agency is here to help.
Virtual Workers is a community filled with like-minded individuals who understand times are changing, and the job market is unlikely to
return to "business as usual." Let us help you find the right candidate for your open position or the right work from home job that suits your
skill set.